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Privacy Policy

Empire Jeans Limited is a clothing retailer based in the UK with a registered address of 16 Cinder Road, Dudley, West Midlands, DY3 2RJ. This privacy policy covers the use of data by Empire Jeans Limited. You can contact us at this address or via email on .

For legal purposes, Empire Jeans Limited is known as the ‘data controller’.

When you place an order online we will gather all the information we need to process your order. (For example: name, email, postal address, billing address, contact phone number. We also capture your IP address for fraud check purposes only). When you place an order online you will also be given the option to opt in for email marketing. We will not send you email marketing unless you tick the box to ask us to, or unless you have asked us to previously. You can opt out of email marketing at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email, or by contacting us.

As with all sensitive data we keep all of these details securely in our systems. The exception is payment details which are sent to and managed securely by our payment service provider, PayPal.
We will not see any of your financial information held by PayPal nor we will ever see the username, email or password that you use to authenticate with PayPal. We will only be notified that the transaction has completed successfully or that it has failed, and we may be given a reason explaining why the transaction failed (e.g. “insufficient funds”, or “card reported as stolen”).
We strongly recommend that you visit Paypal’s website and review their privacy policy, available which sets out how they protect your information.

When you opt in to receive marketing communications from us

There are several ways you might do this, for example:

  • when you make a purchase on our website;
  • using an online form;

You can opt out of email marketing at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email, or opt out of any marketing by contacting us.

When you place an order online – fulfilling your order

Primarily we use the data you provide to us to fulfil our contract with you: we use your delivery address to know where to send your order; we use your email address and mobile phone number to update you about your order status.

When you place an order online – marketing

For marketing purposes we also use transaction data to analyse customer behaviour and to ensure we send you the most appropriate marketing (we don’t send you emails unless you ask us to). For example,

  • if you buy a certain product we might send you information relating to other products based on your purchase history;
  • if we want to know how many customers live in a certain area, we might generate a report to find that out.

The legal basis we use for processing data for marketing purposes is called ‘legitimate interest’.

We have a legal obligation to keep this data for six years in case we need to refer to it.

When you opt in to receive marketing from us

We will keep personal data unless you tell us you no longer wish to receive marketing from us, in which case we will remove your opt-in, but keep non-transactional data for twelve years afterwards in case you change your mind.

We do not share your data with any third party outside of the Empire Jeans Limited.

We do pass some data to third parties in order for them to fulfil services for us, but they can only use this data to fulfil those services for us and cannot pass it on, use it to fulfil services for other companies, or use it for their own interests. The types of companies we use are, for example:

  • courier companies (to send orders);
  • mailchimp our email marketing service (to send out emails);

We are also obliged to pass your personal data onto a legal authority if instructed to do so under certain circumstances, for example, for the prevention of crime.

You have the right to access your personal data (to ask us what information we hold about you).
You have the right to ask for your data to be deleted or corrected.
You have the right to ask us to stop processing your data.
You have the right to stop receiving marketing from us.

For all of the above, please do get in touch. Where we are obliged to comply with your request we will do so as quickly as possible.

If you have a complaint about the way we use your data please contact us . If we cannot resolve the problem for you, you can also contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO):

Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

We use cookies on this website. A cookie is a text file sent by a web server to a web browser, and stored by the browser. The text file is then sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server. This enables the web server to identify and track the web browser. By using this website you have agreed to let us put Cookies on your computer.

Types of Cookies we use on this site:


A user cookie is intended to map a user to a specific server, even if the user disconnects and reconnects from a different location. As with all cookies on the Reach Internet site, it does not collect any personally identifiable information.


Session cookies enable the website you are visiting to keep track of your movement from page to page so you don’t get asked for the same information you’ve already given to the site. They allow you to proceed through many pages of a site quickly and easily without having to authenticate each new area you visit.


These are Analytics tracking cookies. Each unique browser that visits a page on the site is provided with a unique ID. In this way, subsequent visits to the website via the same browser are recorded as belonging to the same (unique) visitor.

What if I don’t want to accept Cookies?

If you wish to restrict or block the cookies which are set by any website – including this website, you should do this through the web browser settings for each web browser you use; on each device you use to access the Internet.

For information on how to manage your cookie settings in Internet Explorer.

For information on how to manage your cookie settings in Mozilla Firefox.

For information on how to manage your cookie settings in Google Chrome.

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